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Brand: Alpha Munitions

Quantity: 100 cases

Cartridge: 8.6 Blackout

Primer: Boxer, Large Rifle 

Case Type: NEW Brass

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$20 Shipping plus $5 Signature (thru UPS) for every 50lb package.

ENTER CODE: .338 for $10 off shipping on this product

Signature is required due to the increase in lost and stolen packages.

We will not ship to: CALIFORNIA, ALASKA, HAWAII, New York City (NY), Chicago (IL), or WASHINGTON D.C.

If ordering from the following states, you must email a copy of your ID to - We will not ship your order without first receiving your identification, and you will be charged a 10% restocking fee:

CONNECTICUT: State Issued ID and Certificate/Permit

ILLINOIS: State Issued ID and FOID card

MASSACHUSETTS: State Issued ID and Firearms ID

NEW JERSEY: State Issued ID and Firearms ID


Text 435-628-1254 for updates on order status.  Thanks!

PRIMED - NEW 8.6 Blackout CASES - 100ct + FREE Ammo Box

Out of Stock. Please Call Us
  • For wholesale accounts or bulk discounts, text or email us:


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