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Practice with Sammi Vu   

Shooting accuracy comes natural for Sammi Vu. She is a member of the Dixie Pixies shooting team and she loves our ammo. 

Concealed Weapons Class

Pete Rensing In Action   

​ISCOPE'S Pete Rensing believes that innovative shooting concepts & practical education is the key to finding the target.

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Keep up on the latest news and articles around the world.

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Rifle bullets are Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail with cannelure.   Pistol bullets are either Full Metal Jacket or Total Metal Jacket.


All brass is new or once-fired commercial brass and fully reloadable. Brass is deprimed, cleaned and roll-sized prior to loading.


Weekly concealed weapons training courses.

Behind The Trigger

​It's not as easy as it looks! Watch as this shooter tests his skills on the practice range.

Our ammunition is professionally loaded with the fully automated Mark X and Mark L machines made by Ammo Load Worldwide, used by some of the largest manufactures in the industry.

​With the latest technologies including fiber optic systems, our processing increases accuracy and consistency in every round. Also, it assures SAAMI specifications for priming depth, pressure, and overall cartridge length. 

Western Arms & Ammo Company's superior re-manufacturing process delivers top ammo performance.

Manufacturing Process

Apparel products accessories and supplies.


Inside Western Ammo

​We take pride in the quality and passion we put into our business and the support we get from the firearms community.