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Our ammunition is professionally loaded with the fully automated Mark X and Mark L machines made by Ammo Load Worldwide, used by some of the largest manufactures in the industry.

​With the latest technologies including fiber optic systems, our processing increases accuracy and consistency in every round. Also, it assures SAAMI specifications for priming depth, pressure, and overall cartridge length. 

Your local and national ammo supplier...  where quality and performance matter most.


All brass is new or once-fired commercial brass and fully reloadable. Brass is deprimed, cleaned and roll-sized prior to loading.  Buy online or come visit us today.  Your local ammo manufacturer in St. George, Utah.

Custom loads

Best deals for handgun ammo and rifle ammunition.  Find bulk ammunition for 9mm, 40 S&W, 45ACP, 223 and more.  Buy quality ammunition for sale, cheap.  In-stock handgun & rifle rounds with fast, same day shipping. Buy ammunition online from your local and National ammo manufacturer from St. George, Utah.

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Rifle bullets are Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail with cannelure.   Pistol bullets are either Full Metal Jacket or Total Metal Jacket. Ammo for sale locally or nationally.

Western Arms & Ammo Company's superior re-manufacturing process delivers top ammo performance.  Our custom loads are preferred by competition shooters.

Buy low priced ammo in bulk from America's best online site.  All our ammunition for sale ships out same day or next business day! 

Your local and national ammo supplier... where quality and performance matter.  Buy ammo online or visit us today.

Darrell Shifflet: President and CEO                    Jake Burt: Research and Development

Michael Peterson: General Manager           Bret Stewart: Manufacturing/Quality Control

Renee Shifflet: Office Manager                Brand Stewart: Manufacturing/Quality Control

Sam Peterson: Loading Manager                Ryan Huber: Manufacturing/Quality Control 

Tim Stewart: Supply Chain Manager           Spencer Worthington: Processing Manager     

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